The Original


The problem.

The Bavarian brand WOMANIZER has made it its mission to spread the message: “Love your body and take the time to find sexual fulfillment!” The wide range of sex toys is designed to enable customers to embellish their love life. Nevertheless, a lot of women are hesitant to buy sex toys. Many of them are unsure how much benefit a sex toy brings to their sex life.

The solution.

We want to prove these women wrong, so we offer the opportunity to experience the quality and sensations beforehand. After all, WOMANIZER promises 99% of women will experience orgasms like never before. To live up to this claim, WOMANIZER allows customers to experience the product for themselves before purchasing it.

The result.

According to studies, one in three women rarely or never orgasms. WOMANIZER and TryNoAgency are therefore launching the “Orgasm is a human right” campaign to change this. Just as discreet and stylish as WOMANIZER is the “Do it yourself” pop-up store in Berlin, which allows women to try out the toys.