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Hyper Hyper Strato Strato.

The task: Increase brand awareness of the cloud product HiDrive. The solution: Call +49 163 XXX (XXX) H.P. Baxxter, write a song, shoot a music video and that’s it for brand awareness. The result: Consideration of HiDrive significantly increased in Germany and the Netherlands.


The spots, which are between 15 and 20 seconds long, run on all major private TV stations as well as on social media. In addition we run six-second bumper ads. “The new campaign focuses on the simplicity of our products – a core value of the Strato brand,” explains CEO Claudia Frese. “The spots underscore how quickly anyone can implement their own ideas with our services.”





From pitch to major campaign.

In a pitch for a one-off project for the HiDrive product area, TryNoAgency was so convincing that the idea was expanded into a campaign for the entire product portfolio.

I feel Strato.

A TV campaign with Scooter frontman H.P. Baxxter. This way, we create attention for the web hoster, give Strato a strong brand personality and memorability.

Faster. Better. Strato.

The result.

The spot shows H.P. Baxxter in his element – on a large LED stage. The only difference is that the stage is lit up in Strato’s bright orange. TNA even created its own lyrics for this: “Faster. Better. Strato” is the catchy hookline.



A look behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes.