Craftsmanship is a matter of trust


The problem.

MyHammer is Germany’s leading craftsman platform for over ten years. With relevant information on active crafts businesses and customer reviews, MyHammer provides a very accurate picture of the services and working methods of professionals and allows for easy and quick contact with the right craftsman. 

The own home is a very private and sensitive area, we want to give the customer a secure experience through MyHammer. The goal is to increase awareness of the craftsman referral portal.


The solution.

In a TV campaign, MyHammer, in collaboration with TryNoAgency, presents the craftsmen who, thanks to their many years of experience and expertise, can master any craft challenge. In doing so, trust and security play a leading role.

The result.

The two TV commercials were broadcast on a total of 17 TV stations, including ARD, Sat.1, Kabel 1, VOX and N24. The commercials are based on the central tagline “Craftsmanship is a matter of trust”. This reflects MyHammer’s daily experience that the issue of trust is becoming increasingly important for our users when looking for the right professional.