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Hello Body

The problem.

The online cosmetics brand HelloBody is known primarily from social media. Through influencer marketing, the brand has managed to build a multi-million audience reach. Now the sustainable and animal-friendly beauty brand wants to explore a new route and expand its target group and create a new entry point.

The solution.

TryNoAgency has developed a customized TV campaign to achieve even more visibility and make HelloBeauty even better known.

“For us, the increasing possibility to address target groups on TV in a precisely tailored way makes the medium more and more interesting as an online brand as well. In this respect, the entry into TV is the next logical step for us to test new innovative ways and reach an even larger target group,” says HelloBody founder Monique Hoell.


The result.

The TV commercials run on broadcasters such as RTL2, Sixx and Servus TV. HelloBody uses the TV medium in a similar way to social media. Various coupon codes and URLs are featured in the commercial. The spot reflects the brand values and benefits in a unique and dynamic way.