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We are on the way to a new working environment. More and more creative people prefer to work independently – and the freelancers have expectations of the cooperation with agencies. This can help both parties

„. Thanks (for) Giving“ About 60 people came in November to celebrate the agency Try No Agency (TNA) to Berlin: Customers the small team of permanent staff – and of course the many freelancers who belong to the network of the Agency. TNA works differently. Here is not a great creative apparatus at work, are busy at the key points with permanent employees. Rather, the CEO Friedrich Tromm and Stefan Nagel pick after the first meeting of a client according to the contract and project different specialists to the table: are for a promotional film to give other people a hand for brand building. The outdoors are therefore from the outset – and only then go, if the project completed. in a sense they form an agency team on time.

The creative economy is on the way to a new working environment. Internet platforms such as project work directory nen a growing number of outdoor in the creative sector, the agency association GWA also assumes into an increase. But what does this mean for employers?

„Agencies are now dependent more and more on the cooperation of the open,“ says Julia von Winterfeldt, a co-opted board member of the GWA and responsible for freelancers and startups. there are not only new agencies like TNA or networks such as XXXXX creatives in Munich, the independent creative supply with jobs, but also large estab- lished agencies such Grabarz & Partner or service plan.

That agencies employ external creative to intercept work peaks and overloading, this is not new. What is new is that more and more smart people prefer the independence of a permanent position. According to a service survey of job platform O-Desk (today Upwork) from the year 2013, contributed 72 percent of the users of the platform who were employed yet been determined at this time, to abandon the idea, this Festanstel- ment, 44 percent were planning the even the next two years. Agencies This poses challenges. Because these outdoor have concrete expectations.

Work in agencies not only makes fun

The development has several reasons. It is rooted on the one hand in the positive market development. „The general order situation is good,“ says Matthias Harbeck, Managing Director of Serviceplan Agency Group. In the years 2008 and 2009, so in times of financial crisis, there was much less free Creative on the market. In addition, there are now a variety of Internet platforms or networks, which make it possible freelancers to find clients and projects. can on platforms such compa- nies invitation ben projects on provide self-employed their profiles, and companies their orders.

On the other hand there is also the growing dissatisfaction with the working conditions in agencies Creative drives into independence. Work from morning until late at night, like on weekends? Does not have to be. endless meetings or politically sensitive voting zicki- speaking customers? Steering only on the actual creative work. Even if many freelancers would not press so distributed, they emphasize yet unison their independence: „I can decide when I work, where and for whom,“ says Nina Puri, free credit ativdirektorin from Hamburg. „I by mass che precisely the projects that I want to really make“ confirms January Kesting, freelance creative from Berlin. And if you need a break, it’s no problem.

Creative ideas from the off

a luxury, but the can afford only the good heads up. Others have to fight for every order it. In this case, then one after all, the fact that household, children and family and friends a better fit with the work, if you do not have to constantly antanzen in an office. „Work-life balance“ is the slogan now. The model „Free Playground“ offers an ideal candidate.

Even for agencies which is attractive. „The use of freelancers offers high flexibility,“ confirms Thomas Eickhoff, GWA board member and manager of the agency Grabarz & Partner. „We can thus also on short term customer inquiries respond.“ For example, like external heads are appointed for pitches when the agency is burning the air. They should then – unencumbered by the Agency life – provide creative ideas. another use scenario: If sickness or due to holiday staffing levels is thin, freelancers can access a team under the arms.

Another advantage: „Agencies gain flexibility“, explains Maike Mir from project work. Project work was increasing in importance, with free employees one could occupy such temporary orders specifically. And: The professionals have experiences with many agencies. Of that they are working in the rule for several clients, all benefit, because to bring the outdoors fresh ideas and different perspectives. Thus they contribute to that Agency teams stew is not as fast in its own juice. Finally freelancer can be focused on specific tasks, without agencies for
must build its own personnel master. But cooperation is not always easy. „The creative work is easier when all team members are on site and you can talk directly with them,“ says service plan manager Matthias Harbeck. Voters in the team are more difficult when, not all present.

In this context, a prejudice should probably be definitively refuted: Freelancers are not cheaper than permanent employees. In project teams quickly 8000 euro and more come together week – costs just hurt as part of a pitch. „Working with freelancers is not necessarily cost-effective,“ says TNA CEO Stefan Nagel. However, it is often more efficient and pay out in this way.

For team leader a tightrope

another problem: The interaction between employees and freelancers requires much diplomatic skill by the team leader. This need tact, so that the stem does not fellow -kollegen get the feeling that they were merely a commercial artist
for everyday life, while for the interesting challenges „noble creative“ one would buy.
The sometimes resembles a tightrope.

„I am dealing fairly important that agencies work together with freelancers at eye level. This includes constructive feedback „

Conversely, the free creative directors and -direktoren certainly problems: for example, because they have their idea – must be in the hands of others – their baby. „You develop ideas but bring the projects not to end,“ says Markus Ewertz, freelance creative in Berlin. Other then implement them in order – and in the worst case all gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Frustrating. Either way – the Freelancer is here Service: Springs other on the hat, its reference portfolio is not it thicker.

Freelancers are often the fire department

Especially therefore freelancers would want to be involved early and involved longer. „It’s more fun when you can accompany an entire project from beginning to end, turnkey delivers,“ says Jan Kesting. The opposite is often the case: „We are often booked at the last minute, the fire department,“ says Nina Puri. She finds it in terms of result-some- times more sense to integrate Free as a sparring partner early in the creative process.

Not all agencies are fit for free

For this, however, some agencies would adjust better to the collaboration with external staff: often passes as unnecessary time trying to prepare external access to the agency network switched. Not least because there is no centralized, structured form of cooperation, but the assignment resulting from a more or less direct personal contact.

And another point is important: Agencies must for freelancers as an attractive partner
position. Especially if they want to attract good brains. It is advisable to build a freelancer networks to expand the talent pool on freelancers. „Culture and values ​​of the agency must also maintained with the outdoors and these are included in the internal communication“, Julia von Winterfeldt recommended by GWA. Transparency is an important issue, as clear work processes.

How the future looks, models could show you how TryNoAgency: Here the two, according to managers is early spoken openly about budgets, timing and customer briefing. „Motivation is the key word,“ says TNA man Friedrich Tromm. And creative people are more motivated when they had overview of a project. Search In addition to this open cooperation and keep the two agency heads Contact: A network of freelancers will be maintained and managed. Or as Stefan Nagel says, „free and flexible is not binding.“ It’s about appreciation. Also for this reason celebrated TNA „Thanks (for) Giving“ with his free creative.



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